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Are all your props custom made by you?
We do custom make all of our props but we do incorporate some store bought decorations along with specialty DJ Lighting, Foggers and Strobe Lights. Some of our custom made props include bought items.

What kind of special effects does Shaggy's Sinister Circus use?
We use Fog machines, with Froggy's Fog - Bog Fog Juice with popcorn & cotton candy scents, Strobe Lights, Video Projection, Special Fx Lighting, Sounds & DJ lights & Sound.

Is it Free to Attend?
Yes, there is no charge to visit our home haunt.

How scary is it?
Shaggy's Sinister Circus is made so that everyone of every age will be able to enjoy the experience. The scares and actors are very gentle to very young trick or treater but will definately give a fright to the older and more daring souls.

When is it open?
Only on Halloween Evening from dusk till usually about 10:00pm
If after 9:00pm there are no visitors, we may choose to shut down early since this year Halloween is on a Monday night.

Where are you located?
241 Judson Street in Lincoln, NE.

Can the actors touch us?
No, our actors will not touch you but, may chase you!

Do you hand out candy for trick or treater?
Yes, we will have tons of candy for trick or treaters, thats part of what we do!
But don't wait till the end to visit us as once we run out, we are out!

How do I learn more about decorating for Halloween or doing a Home Haunt of my own?
Check out our other web site -
For more haunting fun and learning check out, or


Located in
Lincoln, NE.

Operating on
Halloween Evening Only

Dusk till?? 10:00pm
Weather Permitting

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